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Date Degree Illustration
2004-2006 Ph.D. social sciences Dissertation: The new learner. Trendsetting learning biographies in a knowledge based society. Topic: Learning biographies of prototypical learners in changing life and learning cultures. Promotor: Prof. dr. Manuela du Bois-Reymond, University of Leiden
2002-2003 Traineeship education management Talent Development Program: a program on education management and education research of Fontys University of Applied Sciences
1998-1999 Master degree professional education Master Teacher degree in history, Fontys University of Professional Education
1994-1996 Post master courses educational sociology Several courses on educational policy (research), Radboud University and University of Amsterdam
1990-1993 Master degree cultural sociology Thesis: sociology and social studies in secondary schools, Tilburg University
1986-1990 Bachelor degrees professional education Bachelor Teacher degrees in social sciences and in history, Fontys University of Professional Education
1980-1986 Gymnasium Mencia de Mendoza Lyceum, Breda


Professional experience

Date Job definition Illustration
Supervisory Board Education foundation Mytylschool Roosendaal
  • Supervising Executive Board: educational quality, social trends, teachers’ interests.
2018-present Supervisory Board Education foundation BOOM
  • Supervising Executive Board: educational quality, social trends, teachers’ interests. See website BOOM.
2018-present Steering committee research group and Fontys Expert group Diversity and Inclusion
  • Senior researcher professionalization of teachers in the field of citizenship and handling diversity with focus on gender, first generation students and gifted adults in higher education and the workplace.
2016 Visiting professor at Rikkyo University, Tokyo, Japan
  • Development and teaching the international course on cultural sociology and the life story.
2015-present Tutor and Assessor Fontys University of Applied Sciences
  • Take examinations with professionals who want to become a higher education teacher
  • Tutoring and take assessments of part time students in teacher training primary education
2010-2016 Assistant professor at Open University, Welten Institute (formerly known as LOOK and Ruud de Moor Center)
  • Researcher at the scientific centre on teaching and teacher professionalization: research projects on teacher biography and on reform schools in changing life and learning cultures. Projects are in coproduction with teachers and their organisations.
  • Editor and writer of the scientific yearbooks and reviews for the Dutch ‘Onderwijsraad’, ‘Onderwijscoöperatie’ en ‘Algemene Onderwijsbond’.
  • Writer of grant proposals
2000-present Developer curricula Teacher Training at Fontys University
  • Development of the Flexible, Partime Programme Teacher Training
  • Development of the Minor Programme Teaching immigrant and refugee children; A culturally diverse classroom
  • Development of Pabo University
  • Development of the Master Programme Learning and Innovation, in collaboration with teacher education faculties of Utrecht and Rotterdam
  • Development of the Minor Programme personal and professional development
  • Programme advisory and design of a student-directed, competence and problem based curriculum for the bachelor degree Teacher Training for Primary Education
2000-present Senior research coach and senior lecturer history, civics and cultural education at the Department Child and Education, Fontys University (Fontys Pabo Tilburg)
  • Teaching and tutoring courses in cultural studies, global education and history didactics in Teacher Training for Primary Education.
  • Coaching students in conducting research and in writing bachelor- and master-theses in Teacher Training for Primary Education.
  • Teaching and tutoring in Minor Program Learning Biography: students of different higher education programmes and of different age groups learn to reflect on and analyse their own learning biography: 4 groups and in total 150 students a year
2007-2010 Managing board Department Primary Teacher Training Tilburg at Fontys University (Fontys Pabo Tilburg)
  • As member of the management team Teacher Training for Primary Education Tilburg responsible for external projects and collaboration between teacher faculties in different countries and with local museums and organisations.
  • Writing grant proposals (RAAK, EU).
  • Team leader of the Expertise Team quality management and information, Teacher Training for Primary Education Tilburg.
  • Writing the management contracts and reports, based on the outcomes of the quality management system.
2007-2008 Researcher at Doshisha University, Kyoto, Japan
  • Research project on the relationship between political participation and life course orientations and social networks of younger generations.
2006-present Research member of International Youth Culture Study Group
  • Research projects on life course and learning orientations of different generations in the Netherlands and Japan.
2006-2009 International project member at Fontys International Projects on Educational Development
  • Writing tender-invitations for different European Union projects on education.
  • Presentations on teacher training and on quality management for foreign teacher trainers (Vietnam, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, Belgium).
  • Organizing a study visit as part of a World Bank Project: professionalization of Directors of Teacher Training Department, Kiev (Ukrain).
2005 Researcher at Tokyo Gakugei University, Tokyo, Japan
  • Building a network and exploring possibilities for joint research on learning biographies in knowledge based societies.
  • Field research on developments in education and teacher training in Japan, building a network and exploring possibilities for joint research, improvement and exchange projects on teacher training.
  • Teaching English as a second language at a Japanese nursery school (children in the age of 3- 4 year).
2003-2005 Designer Research Programme, Primary Teacher Training Departments, Fontys University
  • Conducting action research as a member of the research team on ‘new learning processes’.
  • Developing the competences and curriculum in order to train ‘teachers as researchers’.
2001-2003 Team leader Department Primary Teacher Training Tilburg at Fontys University
  • Leader of the team of teachers of the third grade bachelor curriculum
  • Building a network of guest speakers and apprenticeship places
  • Developing and carrying out a problem based curriculum for third grade students focused on education and children at risk: students choose their personal research case based on a problem in their practise training at youth centres, schools for children with special needs and schools with a high degree of children from low educated social background and ethnic minorities.
1997-2011 Quality Manager Teacher Training for Primary Education: as project leader for all departments responsible for accreditation
  • Leader of the quality management network and coordinating the quality process of the Fontys Pabo’s Tilburg, Den Bosch, Eindhoven, Veghel, Venlo in order to become accreditated by the Dutch Flemish Accreditation Organization (NVAO).
  • Building a quality management system based on the national accreditation standards (of the NVAO: Dutch Flemish Accreditation Organization): writing the manual, developing evaluation instruments to measure satisfaction and quality of students and teachers, analyzing evaluation outcomes, integrating the outcomes and comparing them with the national accreditation standards in order to develop improvement trajectories.
  • Research for and writing of the so called self evaluation report on all aspects of the curriculum and institutional aspects of the ‘pabo’; organization of the extern accreditation process based on this report.
  • Supporting and advising the management of the pabo’s on quality and improvement aspects and on the management contracts they have to agree with the Fontys Board of Directors.
1997-1999 Lecturer social studies Department Secondary Teacher Training at Fonty University
  • Teaching sociology and methodology at students in Secondary Teacher Training, social studies
  • Project on developing an e-learning environment
  • Training experienced teacher in using interactive media
1997-1999 Researcher for Dutch Associated Press
  • Writing a report based on a national representative survey on time heuristics of Dutch generations.
  • Writing a book on life chances, opinions and generational consciousness of Dutch generations based on a national representative survey and a literature review.
1994-1997 Researcher at IVA, Tilburg University Research projects for the Dutch Ministry of Education and Ministry of Welfare, for example:

  • Conducting the annual monitor and evaluation (different kinds of research instruments) of the national policy to integrate children with special needs in regular schools (‘inclusion’) and evaluation and support of networks of co-operating schools working on this integration process.
  • Conducting field research, interviews and workshops with different stake holders in the primary education sector in order to develop a legal profile for a new function in primary schools: the so called teacher-assistant.
  • Writing a state of the art study on risk behaviour of youth.
1992-1994 Researcher Department Social Studies at Tilburg University
  • Developing a manual for social studies teachers in secondary schools.
  • Developing a manual for students of the master course.
  • Researching the political orientations of Dutch pupils before and after their social sciences exams
1990-1996 Board Secretary and Board Member of Political Party in Tilburg
  • Preparation of board meetings (agenda, notices, minutes), writing party programme and selection of candidates local elections
1991-1992 Symposium organisor at Tilburg University
  • Member organizing committee International Symposium on Sociological Theory
1990-1992 Student politician at Tilburg University
  • Faculty and Department politics
1988-1989 Symposium organisor at Fontys University
  • Member organizing committe Intercultural Education

Membership of professional bodies

  • Board Member Tilburg Debatstad
  • Local political party: organisation and presentation of political debates
  • Board Member Wereldpodium
  • International Sociological Association, Research Committee of Youth Sociology
  • Vereniging voor Onderwijs Research (VOR)
  • Europa Lernt (until 2009)
  • Association of Teacher Education in Europe
  • Cultuurnetwerk Nederland
  • Association of History Teachers in the Nederlands (VGN) and Europe (Euroclio)

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